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How Do We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land?

We are a small, diverse ecumenical church with members from different faith backgrounds and ways of expressing our faith. We hold in common the desire to follow Jesus through peacemaking, work for justice (especially economic justice), and environmental sanity.All are welcome, regardless of faith (or lack of it), religious background, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth (or lack of it), ethnicity, or any other characteristic that ordinarily separates us from one another. We are open and affirming and value the differences among us. Check us out! We meet at the Festival Center at 1640 Columbia Rd NW in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington.  Our church services begin at 10:00 AM Sundays. Click here for map.  There willl be no service on Sunday, October 8 while we are at Welkspring the Family Reunion.

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Martin Luther King, Jr Sunday Sharing

Wendy Dorsey

January 14, 2018

Good morning, 8th Day Faith Community.  I am a little embarrassed and humbled to be standing up here this morning - on the day we celebrate the birthday of a beloved leader of our country who has passed on before us, but who still inspires us to fight for the cause of equal justice for all, regardless of color, culture or creed.  When my Racial Justice and Healing Collective (Mission Group) decided to plan this worship, we had a list of ten illustrious African American men and women whom we know and whom we considered asking to preach at 8th Day.  There was hesitation about asking them to preach for 8th Day, however.

King spoke about White resistance to justice.  He noted how African Americans were putting in a tremendous collective effort to educate themselves on the realities of racism, but, he said, “Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance.  It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the White people of America believe they have so little to learn….White America is not even psychologically organized to close the gap – …“ (P 560-61 A Testament of Hope). 

Epiphany - Light Entering into the Darkness

Paul Fitch

January 7, 2018

Good morning.  As I was reading the scriptures of the current lectionary, my attention was caught by the readings of Epiphany, which were those of yesterday, Saturday.  I somehow wanted to hold on one moment more to the time of Christmas, of light entering into the darkness of the world.  Today’s reading, about the baptism of Jesus, seemed like too large a leap ahead.  Perhaps it was the cold and stillness of this week, which has led to pipes freezing in my home and the great Potomac River becoming a broad glistening ribbon of ice.  Perhaps it is a time of lingering just a little while longer before fully plunging ahead into this New Year.

In this reading about the visit of the wise men from the East there is a richness of history, culture, and tradition.  We see that these respected, learned spiritual leaders who come from outside the faith, social, and political traditions of the land are aware of a momentous happening that the local authorities are not. 

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