8th Day Members as of June 4, 2017

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Covenant Members

Arnall, Gail
Barnet, Ann
Beduhn, Kent
Dorsey, Wendy
Dorsey, David
Dorsey, Wendy
Harrington, Marcia
Hilfiker, David
Hilfiker, Marja
Lasso, Kate
Taylor, Fred
Tetaz, Eve

Community Members

Ashley, William
Avery, Anthony
Barker, Maria
Bosley-Smith, Dixcy
Boteler, Kevin
Brown, Michael
Carr, Molly
Edmonds, Betsy
Fitch, Paul
Gosché, Jennie
Higgs, Mo
MacMillan, David
McCorkle, Gerald
Melecio-Zambrano, Crisely
Oldland, Barbara
Owsley, Emily
Ridgway, Connie
Sasieta, Alfonso
Schaff, Michael
Speers, Jimmy
Stephen, Sandra
Taylor, Chris
Walker, Helen
Waugh, Rebecca
Williams, Barbara
Wright, Richard
Zehr, Mary Ann

The structure of membership into covenant, intern and community membership is explained here.